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Park officials announced Tuesday, September 5th that mandatory water conservation measures are being implemented for the South Rim area of Grand Canyon National Park due to a diminished water supply.

Crews have been unable to pump water from Roaring Springs to replenish water stores on the South Rim. They are working diligently to reestablish proper water treatment methods to ensure drinking water is safe for public use.

In light of the water shortage, new mandatory measures require all park residents and visitors staying in homes, hotels, or campgrounds to significantly reduce water usage. Shorter and less frequent showers are recommended, along with completely stopping any watering of plants or lawns. Hours at local laundromats will be limited, and all hoses must be disconnected from spigots when not actively in use. Washing machines should only be run when completely full.

Concessions operations within the park must also comply with strict new requirements. All restaurants, hotels, and retailers must switch to using disposable dishes and utensils. Hotel room cleaning must be done using very little water. Restaurants may only serve drinking water upon customer request.

Park officials are continuing to strongly encourage all visitors to wash hands frequently for at least 20 seconds using soap and water. This is a vital disease prevention measure.

Those embarking on backcountry hiking trips are advised to carry all needed water or methods to treat water from natural sources. Hikers should not plan to obtain water from any of the customary filling stations, as supplies are extremely limited.

Residents and visitors are asked to comply fully with the mandatory restrictions during this crucial time. Officials are working diligently to restore water treatment capabilities, but conservation remains vital until the issue is resolved. Continued cooperation will ensure the limited supply is protected.

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