by Jake Case

Jake-Case-PhotographerAs a man of the mountains, I grew up in Flagstaff, Arizona where my heart and mind took root in the deep, rich, strato-volcanic soil of the great Southwest. Bound by Aspen groves, and shaped by various layers of ancient rock, the core of what defines me as a man and which continues to separate me from others as truly unique, was the raw nature that surrounded and enveloped my soul. It wasn’t always this way, we all have a learning curve, one that eventually leads to an awaking of one’s passion and purpose in life and in doing so, a not so gradual abandonment of mohawk haircuts and other teenage indulgences. [ Yes, really.]

It was while I was a student at Northern Arizona University, I discovered the two great loves of my life; landscape photography and a beautiful young woman named Melissa. I received a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Geography from NAU and a marriage license from Melissa shortly thereafter; you can decide for yourself which is the more valuable. Currently we reside in Peoria, Arizona, where the diversity of the Sonoran Dessert echoes across the boldly painted sky, often calling out for us to pack our gear, cameras and dogs…inviting us to escape the trappings of suburban Phoenix. It is undeniable, and we answer its call often.

jake-and-melissa-copy2In my pursuit to deliver and become one with what I hold dear; I strive to unleash nature and its relevant issues in unique and various media. Whether it’s showcasing extraordinary images or leading dynamic nature walks, my professional goal is to connect and unleash nature for your appreciation.  To awaken your soul and help you embrace what I already have come to love.  And to that end I invite you to join me on my quest and to explore my website! 

Naturally yours,

Jake Case  

P.S. I’m also the Managing Editor at Territory Supply, an online outdoors magazine — view my author page.