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jake at yellowstone circleHi! I’m Jake Case — a naturalist, writer, and landscape photographer here in Arizona. I’ve long been passionate about the natural world, studying geography and geology during my time at Northern Arizona University.

After graduating, I went on to work as a tour guide at the Grand Canyon South Rim and a park ranger for the National Park Service at Lake Powell. More recently I worked as a tour guide at Frank Lloyd Wright’s famed Taliesin West, specializing in leading the Desert Walk Tour. I’ve also been seriously practicing landscape photography since 2009.

Today, I run Mountain Tripper, my platform for sharing compelling stories, useful guides, and striking images from across Arizona and the Southwest. I frequently venture out with my wife, young daughter, and extended family to experience the diverse natural landscapes across the region. Through my writing, photography, and continued learning, I aim to ignite the same sense of curiosity, respect, and passion I feel for the natural world in my readers and followers.

jake case and family

Me, my daughter Lennon, and my wife Melissa.

dog sitting on back of kayak

This is our little dog Trip, and he often joins us on adventures. We sometimes call him “Tripper”, an inspiration for our brand name.